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Parsun 4 stroke outboards have been in production since 2004, in that time the R&D department have been tweaking and adjusting the design of each part to achieve maximum performance, with maximum reliability, and optimum fuel economy. So the outboards you see before you are tried, tested, improved, tested again and have evolved into a truly reliable marine power source which is a genuine alternative to the big brands. Our range of 4 stroke outboards for sale have some truly industry leading features. The 2.6hp Parsun was independently tested in Motor Boat Monthly 2013 as the quietest 2.5hp on the market, it also had the longest range in class too. Our 9.8hp 4 stroke is the lightest 10hp 4 stroke outboard ever built – it’s just 35kg! Now that’s truly portable power, which makes it the ideal outboard choice for inflatable boats from 2.7 – 3.5m where compact design and light weight are key factors. The 20hp 4 stroke is the perfect inflatable boat engine, it is light – 50kg, powerful – can tow a 9 stone skiier, or two juniors in ringo’s! AND it is excellent on fuel – boat all day on 15L. Couple it with a Seapro 3.4 or 3.6m airdeck and you have a car boot full of fun.

In 2016 Parsun manufactured their first Fuel injected outboard, the 40hp Parsun is a light weight 3 cylinder, fuel injected 4 stroke, it has all the refinements expected of a modern outboard engine, electric start, and power trim / tilt are standard features, and this outboard weighs in at only 90kg making it one of the lightest in class. In 2018 Parsun have once again upped their game and moved into the mid range market with the all new F60 4 stroke, this 60hp 4 cylinder unit weighs just 110kg, it is equipped with a state of the art programmed fuel injection system which provides metered fuel amounts to offer unrivalled fuel efficiency.